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International Paper Modelers Convention Show Awards 2023-2016

2015 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

People's Choice 3rd Place: Kevin Stephens' M4A3 Sherman Tank

People's Choice 2nd Place: Jim Baker's St. Vitus Cathedral 1:350 scale kit by Betexa, with many, many flying buttresses

People's Choice 1st Place: Kevin Stephens' M25 Dragon Wagon tractor, a 1:25 scale GPM kit which took almost three years to complete!

Theme Award for Best Animal Model: Linda Kemp's "I.P.M.C." mouse.

Theme Award for Best Automaton Model: Rev. Thomas Davies Clay's model "The Dogs' Debate" a contraption featuring action as well as sound.

Best Table Display: Rob Tauxe's spectacular display of Bruno Van Hecke's paper models, including 1:300 airlines suspended in a mobile, an array of Douglas airliners pinned to the table like insects, and 1:100 flying boats.

Most Unusual Model: Peter Ansoff's rainbow-hued leaning tower of Pisa.

Greg Perry Silk-Purse-out-of-a-Sow's-Ear Award for the best model made from a problematic kit: David Wexelblat for his Castle Hohenzollern, a Schreiber-Bogen reprint of a nineteenth-century model.

Awards Committee Special Awards: Bill Kastenmeier for his model of Werner von Braun's Ferry Rocket and Space Station.

Most Traveled Model Award: Badru Akeem of Abeokuta, Nigeria, was not able to attend, but sent this conceptual model of an Olympic Stadium for Egba, Nigeria.

Award for making the IPMC Possible: At the banquet, Alan Wheeler presented on behalf of us all, a card and gift certificate to Peter Ansoff, the driving force behind the IPMC.

Thanks much to Don Boose, Lil Boose, Anne McCombs and Rick Steffers for organizing the IPMC 2015 Awards Committee!

2014 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

The winner of the 2014 People's Choice Award: Ray Smith's 1/32-scale cutaway Fokker D-VIII.

Theme Award for Best Secular Architectural Model: Rev. Thomas Clay Davies' model of the Roman baths at Bath, England.

Most Unusual Architectural Model: Steven Marshall's giant Pineapple house and related Sponge Bob Squarepants models.

Best Table Display: Jason Smith for his array of various models including automata/p>

Other special awards:

Dave Winfield, for his superb 1/16 model of a Centurian tank with spare treads.

Greg Mumma, for his outstanding ship models.

Linda Kemp, for her multitude of excellent models of buildings.

The staff of the Hampton Inn were presented with a special model of "Hampton Castle".

Thanks much to Alan Wheeler, Don Boose, Anne McCombs and Rick Steffers for organizing the IPMC 2014 Awards Committee!

2013 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

photo by Rick Steffers

People's Choice 3rd Place: Tomasz Kalato's DeHavilland Airco DH-6

With detailed engine, actual fabric stitching, and no visible paper seams.

People's Choice 2nd Place: Greg Perry's aircraft carrier Zuiho

With a full deck load of 30 airplanes, each consisting of 25 parts, in 1:400 scale!

photos by Don Boose

People's Choice 1st Place: Tomasz Kalato's incredible Komatsu Bulldozer

Best Unarmed Tracked Vehicle Model: Dave Winfield's historic model of Little Willie, the first (and completely unarmed) tank.

photo by Rick Steffers

Most Unusual Unarmed Tracked Vehicle Model: Linda Kemp's whimsical tracked fish tank.

Best Table Display: Pete Heesch definitely had the most models on his table!

2012 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

Le Puy

People's Choice 3rd Place: Rev. Thomas Clay's Le Puy Cathedral, a model featuring an interior lighting system.

photo by Kevin Stephens

People's Choice 2nd Place: Mike Scalingi's 1/33 PBJ-1H, which also won People's Choice in 2010.

People's Choice 1st Place: Gil Benson's Yomeimon Shrine. Gil displayed an entire table of Japanese architecture and dioramas.

Other 2012 awards:

Best Civilian Watercraft Model: The theme award for the best merchant ship or civilian watercraft was awarded to Carl Erikson for his model of the liner Normandie.

Best Table Display: The Awards Committee had a difficult time judging the Best Table Display. Gil Benson had a beautiful layout of buildings and other items relating to Japanese culture. Linda Kemp had an extraordinary array of miniature buildings (and a cigar box full of "64 buildings and 1 piano"). Bob Martin brought one of his mobiles of Fiddlers Green antique aircraft. Anne McCombs presented an array of fantasy creatures. Scott Fynn displayed many FG models as well as those of other designers. Thomas Davies Clay had his beautiful cathedrals (and the photographs he had taken during his visits to each) spread out over several tables. But in the end, the Committee was most impressed with John Glessner's beautifully-engineered modular airplane display system. Kudos to DrLaser.

Most Unusual Model: The Most Unusual Model award went to Linda Kemp for an automaton in which a paper shrimp rowed a skiff when the handle was turned. Linda argued that this also counted as a civil watercraft, but the Awards Committee harbored a suspicion that the shrimp was packing heat under its carapace.

2011 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

photo by Don Boose

People's Choice Award: Carl Erikson's Stord Norwegian Destroyer

Very beautifully displayed in its own plexiglass box.

photo by John Glessner

Best Civil Aircraft Model: John Glessner's black and yellow GeeBee Z

photo by Don Boose

Best Table Display: Anne McCombs' display of paper sushi, paper wonton soup, paper Ukrainian Easter egg, paper model of a flying horse, and many other models.

photo by Don Boose

Most Unusual Model: Bill Kastenmeier's display complete with a period television set playing [really!] The Day the Earth Stood Still.

2010 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

photo by Greg Perry

People's Choice Award: Mike Scalingi's PBJ Bomber. Mike's 1/33 scale "8-Ball" bomber has fully detailed interiors and an openable engine compartment. His display also included a scratch-built tow tractor (see photo below) and an illustrated history of the aircraft.


Most Unusual Model: Anne McComb's table of paper food items, from sushi to ice cream to paper vegetables

photo by Mike Scalingi

Best Wheeled Vehicle Kit Model: Jim Baker's Superb steam tractor


Best Wheeled Vehicle Scratchbuilt Model: Mike Scalingi's 1/33 Clarktor aircraft tow tractor

photo by Stan Field

Best Table Display: Gil Benson's table of large and small trains and other vehicles

2009 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

People's Choice Award: Abby Benner's Mini-Quest Miniatures

Abby displayed a whole table of tiny 1/12 scale flowers and plants with leaves made from laser-cut rice paper. Very beautiful and intricate work!

Most Unusual Model: Jeff Cwiok's "Storm-Damaged Sukhoi," crushed by a falling ceiling in a hurricane

Best Architectural Model: Jim McNally's Ulmer Platz model

Best Table Display: Abby Benner's Mini-Quest Miniatures

2008 International Paper Modelers Convention Awards:

photo by Rick Steffers

People's Choice Award: Roman Detyna's Fletcher-Class Destroyer

This model impressed everyone with its its incredible small detail. Even the tiniest railings as fine as a human hair are visible.